Paint, Print, and Laser

A wide variety of shapes and sizes can be made by electroforming. However, compared to other basic metal forming processes, electroforming is very effective when requirements call for extreme tolerances. This allows Automotive designers use a variety of different colors for their interiors; some colors are universal while others are unique to the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Taiyo has experience working with OEM’s like Ford, GM, FCA, and Toyota and their wide range of colors. We work alongside our suppliers like Fujikura Kasei, Redspot, Akzonobel, Musashi, Origin and Axalta Paint to produce just the right color for your products.

Need something more than just a beautiful coat of paint? Further enhance with silk and pad printing! Silk Printing is a cost effective printing method that transfers sharp images or text in multiple colors onto a surface using ink. However, Pad printing is better when working with higher volume projects. Printing jobs can be done much more quickly using pad printing with consistent and high quality results, even on more difficult surfaces and areas of products!

Combining opaque paint colors with Laser Etching is an option for creating graphics or words that can also be illuminated from behind. This semi-auto process is able to produce the graphics every time parts are loaded onto the machine, and it’s a highly efficient method for consistently creating many designs very quickly. Making use of these paint, printing, and laser methods can result in many different types of designs for buttons, switches, knobs, and various panels!